Custom vs. Off The Rack
Who am I?
Type of Guides
Feather Inlays
Choosing a Blank
Reel Seats
Selecting A Grip
Making The Grip

DO I NEED A CUSTOM ROD? Probably not. It won’t catch any more fish. However your fishing experience will be much more fulfilling and enjoyable. Off the rack rods are cookie cutter, mass produced one size fits all. Whether it’s a $600 Loomis or $59.95 Wally world special, you get “STANDARD” components. Custom rods are specifically made with YOU the user in mind.

WHAT EXTRA DO I GET WITH A CUSTOM ROD? This list could go on forever, but the high points are: Choice of components: grip size, shape, and design; type of reel seat and choice of insert; type of guides, double foot, single foot, wire or ceramic insert; guide placement on the spine, and exact spacing determined by static deflection testing, not a chart; choice of thread color and trim wraps,decorative feather inlay; and finally the individual care of an expert craftsman and artist, hand fitting, wrapping, decorating, and finishing your rod with you in mind.

WHAT DOES ALL THIS COST? About the same or less than one of those cookie cutter off the rack models.

SO, WHAT DO I END UP WITH? A one of a kind, fishing tool, crafted to highest standards, incorporating art with function, which can be passed on to future generations