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Hello, my name is Dennis and I am a rod building addict.

I’m a third generation fly fisherman. My grandfather and father were fly fisherman. My addictionCatch of the Day probably started as a boy helping my dad re-wrapping and refinishing the bamboo rods that we used in the early 50s. Then I moved to glass, where I  would, on occasion, have to replace a tip top, a guide or add an extra ferrule after making a 2 piece into a 3 piece unintentionally. When graphite came along my dad built rods for us. These were first generation graphite with a parabolic action. I fished these until the newer generations of graphite came along. Then I took a rod building class. That was the beginning of my true addiction, spending less and less time at fly tying bench, and more and more time wrapping rods. I “needed” one more blank. I studied the physics of of the rods looking at deflection ratings, resonance frequencies, the modulus of graphite and tapers. After about seventy five rods, my technical understanding, and skills had increased tremendously but I was still building pretty generic looking rods. I wanted my rods to stand out. I started increasing the complexity of the feather inlays and began building my own grips. I started adding art to the process. Today I think I build as good a rod (technically) as can be built and make them into what I consider a working piece of art. Currently, I only build about twenty rods a year. Each is different and unique. If you would like to own one of these special, one of a kind fly rods, please contact me.  I’m not trying to make a living building rods, I do it because I love it.
If you have any questions my email address is dennis@harperflyrods.com