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Who am I? Short description of who I am and how I got here
Custom vs Off the Rack Is a custom fly rod really for you?
Type of Guides What type of guides do you really need?
Choosing a Blank Brands, sizes and what I think is best
Reel Seats Shows the different styles of Reel Seats
Selecting A Grip Selecting what kind of grip you want.
Making The Grip Let's make ourselves a grip!
Making The Grip 2 Recent Advances in Grip Building!!
Feather Inlays Let's customize our fly rods a bit more
Recommendations This is what I fish with and what I recommend using.
Gallery Pictures of some of my fly rods and other things.
Gallery2 Pictures of feather inlays and grips
Gallery3 Field Testing of Harper Custom Fly Rods
Gallery4 Fishing pic's from owners of my custom fly rods
Gallery5 More Field Testing
Gallery6 "Casting for Recovery Fly Rod"(spring 2011 )
Gallery7 "Casting for Recovery Fly Rod"(Big Holiday Auction Nov 1 - 10, 2011 )
Gallery 8 "Casting for Recovery Fly Rod"(Big Holiday Auction Nov 26 - Dec 7, 2012 )
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